MX Player for PC: Download MX Player on Windows 8, 7 and XP

MX Player for PC

MX player is considered to be one of the best music player on the Android platform. Well, if you are looking for a media player for you android phone or other smart device, MX player is the best that will surely fulfill your need. MX player is the most popular media player which is used by android as well as iOS users. All different kinds of media files such as DVD, DVB, SSA, .mpl, smi, sub, .vtt, and .avi can be easily run by this application in android devices. With hardware acceleration, it is pretty easy to run movies on the software easily. The popularity of this application can be easily judged from its number of downloads. It is downloaded by millions of users all over the world. Unfortunately, the PC version is not available. However, with the help of our tutorial you can easily use MX player on PC. Make sure you follow our tutorial on how to download MX player for PC like Windows 7, Windows 8 and XP. Our previous tutorial on Whatsapp for PC can be followed to make any android run on Windows PC.

mx player on pc

This application runs easily on android devices and other smart phone. However, it can be easily downloaded and run on PC. Today, we are going to guide you some simple steps which will allow you to run MX player on PC. I found lot of people searching for the procedure to run this application on PC or laptops. As they find convenient to use this application on large screen.


  1. First of all you simple have to download bluestacks on your pc or laptop. Blue stack is an application which is used to run android app on your pc.
  2. After your download is finished, install it on your PC. P.S: Installation could take some time
  3. Run bluestacks and open the search tool in blue stacks to find MX player.
    search mx player for pc
  4. When you find this app, install this application on your PC or laptop. Installation similar to what you do on Android device.

    download mx player for pc

  5. MX player for PC has been downloaded  and you can run it and enjoy this application on your PC

Launch the application from Bluestacks app folder. That’s it! You can navigate to the different movies file available on your computer and enjoy the movies in the full screen mode. Using MX player on PC is darn simple. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to use MX player for PC. Lets go through them. It will take the entertainment to another level. We recommend following entertainment app to get the maximum possible enjoyment.

MX player is the first application which is having multi core decoding technology which allows you to play and enjoy media in all formats with the help of the latest player. The important feature you find in this application is that you can zoom in and out the playing media to enjoy your content. This application has got video code as well as media integration for all the high end devices. This application has got kids lock which is very unique in itself. You can now handover the phone to your kids to enjoy and play their video without tension of tempering other function on your device. It has also got system level alerts which automatically blocks any unwanted key entries for interrupted entertainment. Although, it is available officially, only for android devices. But we can download and play it even on pc.

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All you have to do is to fallow the steps given below. If you find any problem during installation of this application in your pc, then you need to update your pc or laptop drivers. Update your drives and download it again. It will surely work.


It has got hardware acceleration and boot performer. You can zoom and pan with finger. It has got an advanced video player. You can swipe to forward and swipe lift to rewind. It can enhance the performance for dual-core devices up to 70 percent. Check some of the awesome features of MX player for PC and decide whether you should install this amazing player on PC or not.

  • Hardware acceleration
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Kids safety lock
  • Manage screen rotation and brightness
  • Operate device on touch screen enabled laptops easily
  • Full screen function

Rest of the functions are similar to other music player for PC. Overall, MX player adds a unique touch to your Windows PC. We highly recommend getting this amazing music app on your device.

Are you facing any trouble in downloading and installing this app? We hope that you managed to download MX player for PC on your favorite system and are enjoying the movies in the best possible way.

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    1. Hi Pramod,

      Check the system requirement. Bluestack may not work on low RAM. I recommend trying out andyroid or some other similar android emulator.

  1. Hi
    Where i can find sharedfolder which mx player creates?
    When I drag and drop movie in mx player window, movie dissapear.
    How can I add my movie folder to the mx player?
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