Nox App Player: Download Bluestacks Alternative Emulator for PC

Nox APP Player

Nox app player is one of the best alternative of Bluestacks. In fact, very soon Bluestacks will be a bygone considering the plethora of features offered by this new kid on the market. Its multi-touch capability will make your experience completely different. In fact, it is one of the best emulator to play android games on PC. Nox app player is an android emulator which allows to run Android apps and games in a window on your desktop PC. It creates an Android environment directly on your computer. This program helps the users to enjoy a full Android experience on their PC. The interface of the emulator is similar to real Android devices in all respects and in order to mimic the real Android experience entirely, you can even switch to a touch input method. This emulator helps the users to draw the benefits of a bigger screen, better hardware performance and easier control for using Android apps and playing Android games on a desktop. You can download nox app player from the official website or from the link given in the article.

Features of Nox APP Player

Nox app player emulator is integrated with Google Play Store which is a must have for all the android emulators and all android phones. Due to integration of Nox APP Player with Google Play Store upon installation, there is requirement to just download an app of your choice and experience the smooth running. However, it also turns out that you can easily search your favorite app and download blink of an eye on your faster internet connection.

nox app player

Interesting apps/ games that you must try on this new android emulators are periscope for PC, showbox for PC and all the android apps shown in this section.

Windows 10 version of this app was just released and its really fast compared to other Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. It is specifically optimized to work well on Windows 10 environment. Some of the basic functions of it are keyboard typing, microphone integration and camera but some special features are that the user can even connect game pad and controllers in a game. It is possible to run several Nox APP Player instances on your PC at a same time due to an innovative feature of the multiplayer mode. Techie person can even try it on a split window and get it working for multiple person. A different game or app is run on each window. By this, the users don’t have to push other apps to the background and can easily switch between them on the same computer screen.  The activation process of this is also simple. This function has a desktop shortcut and a second player is boosted within a few clicks. One could have several Nox APP players running in parallel depending on the configuration and performance of the host computer. It is definitely the best android emulator out there and is a biggest threats to the players like Bluestacks and Andyroid. The best part is that you can download nox app player on your favorite PC for free.

download nox app player

Even the CPU and RAM can be customized. This enhances the multiplayer mode and adds more fun to the people who have limited budget PCs. In the new version of this, some features are added like now video recording can be done. One more feature that is added is auto-touch macro recording. During the start up process, more operation tips have been added. The system settings user interface has been re-designed in the new version. The users can even customize side bar options. This emulator has compatibility with Facebook. This is why we highly recommend getting nox app player on your PC. It helps in playing all android games very quickly.

Download and install Nox APP Player on PC

Impressed? Want to download nox app player on PC? Follow the small guide given below to download nox app player on your Windows 7/8/10 PC.

  • There are two forms available of Nox APP Player and these are Nox Online installer and Nox App Offline installer. Get it from here
  • The installation of Nox APP Player is similar to other android emulators on PC. Go to downloaded Nox Player location and click on that. This will let you to see Install button and Accept Agreement. Select the Accept Agreement option and click on install option.
  • Now you are ready to use Nox APP Player for downloading all Android games and apps on your PC free of cost.

download nox app player 3.0

In a very near future, all the apps for PC tutorials will be provided on a nox app player so you can start enjoying this feature rich android emulator. Have you started using the app yet? Don’t wait and download nox app player from the link given in the above section and start playing your favorite android games on your PC.

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