Snapchat for PC: Easily Download and Install Snapchat on Windows 7/8/XP


In an era of free messaging app, Snapchat has made its way to the top. Getting a competition from other messaging app and surviving is quite difficult. However, with its unique concept it has become one of the most popular android app to send and receive photos and face-to-face chats. Well, in today’s world instant messaging apps have brought us closer. Most of us is connected to our relatives and friends with their instant messaging apps only. Every day we hear of new messaging apps being launched. Basically there is nothing new in these app and these are clones of each other only. However there are few instant messaging apps that are intuitive with basic objectives of messaging. One of such unique application is snapchat, which is unique and has very advanced feature in itself then other messaging apps. Snapchat is not at all similar to other apps such as whatsapp, kick and wechat. Like every other apps, it is possible to use snapchat for PC with the similar method. Bluestack or Yeswave can be used to get snapchat on Windows PC. Lets understand more about the app first before getting you to the tutorial on how to download and install it on computer.

use snapchat on pc

Whenever we use an instant messaging apps the main feature we usually find is sending text messages, sharing voice notes, sending video files or even sharing other files. However this does not happens with snapchat. Snapchat simple offers you to send text with smileys or even images to a friend in a community. A unique and interesting feature that helped this app to gain popularity is that here the message are never saved neither by the server nor by the app. So, if the user wants to view any message, he can only view that message for a specific time as fixed by the sender. So there is no option of panicking while your phone is charging and it provides users a secure platform as no one can read their text messages. This is made possible by allowing the sender to fix a certain time for receiver to receive messages. There is no risk of your messages being intercepted as it will be deleted automatically by the server within fixed time. So, it provides a secure zone for the user to share pictures and videos.

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To use it, you simple need to set a timer and send messages. You can also add an image with certain caption which can also include smiley and much more. So, once the time is elapsed, your message will be deleted forever by the server. Although, this app is available officially, but only for android devices. But we can download and use it even on PC. All you need is an android emulator which allows you to run the android apps on PC .among various android emulators blue stack is most common and best application you can use


We’ve already provide tons of tutorials on our blog. For example, a simple to follow MX Player for PC is still one of the hottest player available for the PC.

Step 1: First of all you simple have to download bluestacks on your PC or laptop. It is an android emulator which we are going to use to run snapchat on Windows PC.

Step 2:  After your download is finished, install it on your computer
Step 3: Run bluestacks and open the search tool in bluestacks to find Snapchat. A screenshot of the same has been provided below.

search snapchat on play store
Step 4: It will redirect you to Google play store to install the application. Just click on the green “Install” button and it will start downloading the app. It will be automatically installed on your system.

download snapchat for pc
Step 5: Your software is downloaded now and you can run snapchat for PC from the application option in BlueStacks.

In short, it is quite easy to download snapchat for PC (installation is automatic). In case, if you are having any trouble downloading or understanding any of the above step, then let us know in the comment section below. We will try to help you out.

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