UC Browser for PC: Download UC Browser for Windows 8/7/XP

UC Browser for PC

Slowly and steadily people have started using android apps on PC due to multiple reasons. One of the most famous application is UC Browser. A popular browser from China has set the bar high for all competitors. Now you can enjoy the seamless browsing using UC Browser for PC application. The post is going to cover only UC Browser android app and not the official Windows PC application.

A gradual shift has been seen in users, from PCs to tablets and smartphones. It’s natural that people would like the apps available on their smartphones and tablets to be accessible on their PCs as well. UC browser is one of the leading mobile phone browsers. With a user base of 500 million worldwide, it is evident that because of its super-fast surfing speed and amazing features, more and more people are opting for it as their main browser. Right now it is mostly popular amongst the Symbian and android OS users, but with the increasing rate it will soon catch up with other OS users too.

download uc browser for pc

UC browser for PC is super-fast and saves a lot of time by adding mobile responsive pages in the offline cache, so when the page is opened once, then it won’t take loading time when it is opened again. Since the browser is optimized for the mobile devices, it works super quickly on the Windows PC. UC browser has a unique feature which other browsers usually lack- pausing and resuming downloads as per convenience. In other browsers once a download is paused it usually stops and the file has to be downloaded all over again. UC browser gives you a lot of freedom with your page layout, you can change the font size and image quality. Plus view pages in the full screen mode too. Let’s learn how to download and install UC Browser on PC so you can enjoy the same freedom on your PC too.


Following are some of the best features of UC browser android app. Similarly, you can even try Whatsapp on PC to enjoy seamless conversation with the friends without any interruption.

  • It is absolutely free to download
  • Downloads without any hassle
  • It is super-fast, quick response time making the surface experience a delight
  • You can download anything you want with a lot of ease thanks to the download manager
  • Since it is supported by flash the user interface is very easy to understand and use
  • You can open multiple tabs at the same time
  • Provides favorite sites on home screen, for easy access.

Now there are two ways to install UC browser on the PC which at this point are definitely working. First is with the help of Bluestacks, this is the preferred method since you can later download other android apps on your PC through it. The other one, being an unofficial method, is still in the beta stage. Do follow our dedicated android apps for PC blog for more frequent updates on the same subject.

uc browser for pc

Downloading UC Browser For PC – Bluestacks Method

  1. Start with downloading Bluestacks on your computer (it is an android emulator).
  2. Then install it on your computer and open it.
  3. Search ‘UC browser’ in the search bar and install the top result.
  4. It shall start downloading automatically.
  5. Finally open my apps in Bluestacks and use the UC browser for PC.

There is also an alternative method to download UC browser on PC and enjoy it on PC. Learn more about the 2nd UC browser for PC guide.

Alternate Method For downloading UC browser for PC

Since no method of downloading is 100% efficient, sometimes UC browser might not get downloaded through Bluestacks. The main cause for this is usually the poor configuration of user’s computer as a decent configuration is required to download and run apps smoothly through Bluestacks. But don’t worry, there is an alternative offline method to download UC browser. All you have to do is click here  and download the .exe file. The browser will download it like any other .exe file and you shall be able to use UC browser on PC with ease.

Hopefully, you are able to follow our guide on UC browser for PC. Do let us know if you are having any problem in downloading UC browser for PC or installing it on your Windows XP/ 7 / 8 PC. We’re always here to help you.

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  1. September 20, 2012 at 5:26 pmI tried Blustacks in Mac book pro: OS 10.7.4Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MBIt is saying The domnceut “com.a1.game.vszombies-1.apk” could not be opened. BlueStacks App Launcher cannot open files of this type.help me to see android apk in my mac os. Reply

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